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"Ok I was skeptical but let me just say...

these are the bees knees you guys. I get hangovers from one beer. Taken as directed with lots of water, these change the whole game. I will be buying more for festival season FOR SURE ?? and I'll probably keep these in my purse for unexpected parties or bad days."

- Jen

"Last night I finally tried these magical pills

Last night I finally tried these magical pills. It won't do to much good if you forget to take it again before bed OR before your first drink. Not only I was able to sleep till 11 (that never happens after a night out drinking, I wake up around 7, because I'm not feeling well) but I didn't feel anything! No nausea, no stomach discomfort.. I was amazed! (Ok I had some headache and was light headed a little bit, but Advil helps with that.) I would and will recommend this to all my friends!"

- Luca

"No Hangover

5 stars for sure. I went to Vegas and Fort Lauderdale for a bachelorette party and never felt like crap like I usually do. Definitely recommend."

- Sarah

"DOES WORK! Still Going HARD...

I drink averagely almost every weekend, 'Hardcore' at least once a month. For the few drinks I have during the weekends averagely I only take the one tablet before I drink and one before bed! AND NOTHING. The mornings are like I never took a sip of alcohol! AMAZING, I honestly didn't think it was possible. Okay so for the 'Hardcore' nights haha, are the nights were we have to get that Uber back home and end up having people over till 5am and then it usually ends up with long long afternoons sitting on the couch not being able to move and trying to recap what happened the night before. On one of those nights, I took the two tablets before pre-gaming and I took two tablets before bed (which I had right by the bedside so my drunk self wouldn't forget). I woke up too early for my liking due to everyone wanting to get brunch but let me tell you, I FELT BETTER THAN IVE EVER FELT from a night of drinking like that! Granted I still had a bit of a hangover but it was like I had just a few drinking the night before with 8 hours of sleep verses 5 hours of sleep a whole bottle. This product is amazing! it truly is!"

- Bri

"I have been suffering from increasingly bad hangovers

for the past 10 years. Sometimes three drinks can put me completely out of commission for the next 24-36 hours. I decided to purchase this to see if it could alleviate the crushing headaches and nausea. I have used the product twice and so far it has worked! one night was halloween and I really did consume quite a bit that night. I took two before drinking and two more before bed. NO HANGOVER! Pretty amazing. I have literally not gone out some nights because i couldn't afford to lose the next day. It will take a few more tests to insure the lack of hangover is due to this product, but so far it appears to be working! Only downside is the price."

- Anna

"Great product

Love this product so far. Took it for the first time Saturday night after a long day/night of drinking for an event. I usually get very bad hangovers but instead I just woke up tired!"

- SS

"Will buy again

I'm very sensitive to hangovers and I find this has definitely reduced my symptoms significantly. I will buy again."

- SS

"Awesome stuff

Simply stated, this stuff works! Generally, I will feel anything beyond two cocktails the next day. Now that I've tested this product a couple of times, I can honestly say it really diminishes the effects of drinking the night before. Hydration and rest are still important, but I say this is a miracle cure for hangover!"

- SS